Friday, June 17, 2011

Scribe Approved Romance Titles

I haven't read all these books, so I can't vouch for them, but I'm sure they will be fine to read. When you've read them, you can even post a little review to let the rest of us know what you thought of the book. Happy reading! ~Emily B.

*note- some of these books are not strictly Christian (most of them are), but they are safe and clean to read.

Girl Fiction:

 The Christy Miller Series: Robin Jones Gunn

1. Summer Promise

2.  A Whisper and a Wish

3.  Yours Forever

4.  Surprise Endings

5.  Island Dreamer

6. A Heart Full of Hope

7. True Friends

8. Starry night

9. Seventeen Wishes

10.  A Time to Cherish

11.  Sweet Dreams

12.  A Promise is Forever

The Sierra  Jensen Series: Robin Jones Gunn
  1. Only You, Sierra

  2. In Your Dreams

  3. Don't You Wish

  4. Close Your Eyes

  5. Without a Doubt

  6. With This Ring

  7. Open Your Heart

  8. Time Will Tell

  9. Now Picture This

  10. Hold on Tight

  11. Closer Than Ever

  12. Take My Hand

The Katie Weldon Series: Robin Jones Gunn
  1. Peculiar Treasure

  2. On a Whim

  3. Coming Attractions

Christy and Todd: The College Years: Robin Jones Gunn
  1. Until Tomorrow

  2. As You Wish

  3. I Promise

Mule Hollow Matchmakers: Debra Clopton
  1.  The Trouble with Lacy Brown

  2. And Baby Makes Five

  3. No Place Like Home

  4. Dream a Little Dream

  5. Meeting Her Match

  6. Operation: Married by Christmas

  7. Next Door Daddy

  8. Her Baby Dreams
  9. The Cowboy Takes a Bride
     10.  Texas Ranger Dad

     11.  Lone Star Cinderella

     12.  His Cowgirl Bride

(other series by Debra Clopton are: Small-town Moms, Men of Mule Hollow, and Small-town Brides)

The Classics:

      Christy- by: Catherine Marshall

      Eight Cousins- by: Louisa May Alcott

      Rose in Bloom (sequel to Eight Cousins) –by: Louisa May Alcott

      Love Comes Softly Series- by: Janette Oke
  1.  Love Comes Softly

  2. Love's Enduring Promise

  3. Love's Long Journey

  4. Love's Abiding Joy

  5. Love's Unending Legacy

  6. Love's Unfolding Dream

  7. Love Takes Wing

  8. Love Finds a Home

Seasons of the Heart Series- by: Janette Oke
  1.  Once Upon a Summer

  2. The Winds of Autumn

  3. Winter Is Not Forever

  4. Spring's Gentle Promise

      Canadian West Series- by: Janette Oke
  1.  When Calls the Heart

  2. When Comes the Spring

  3. When Breaks the Dawn

  4. When Hope Springs New

  5. Beyond the Gathering Storm

  6. When Tomorrow Comes

       A Prairie Legacy Series- by: Janette Oke
  1. The Tender Years

  2. A Searching Heart

  3. A Quiet Strength

  4. Like Gold Refined

      Songs of Acadia Series- by: Janette Oke and T. Davis Bunn
  1. The Meeting Place

  2. The Sacred Shore

  3. The Birthright

  4. The Distant Beacon

  5. The Beloved Land

     (This series is followed up by The Heirs of Acadia)

     Anne of Green Gables (books #3-9) – by: Lucy Maud Montgomery

3. Anne of the Island

4.  Anne of Windy Poplars

5.  Anne's House of Dreams

6.  Anne of Ingleside

7.  Rainbow Valley

8.  Rilla of Ingleside

9.  The Blythes Are Quoted

 Historical Romance:

        Forbidden Legacy- by: Barbara Masci-Goss

        Captured Heart- by: Barbara Masci-Goss


 Victorian Serenade Series- by: Lawana Blackwell
  1. Like a River Glorious

  2. Measures of Grace

  3. Jewels for a Crown

  4. Song of a Soul

    Thank you Emily for digging up these titles and checking the sites for reviews of them! That was a lot of work!


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Ooooh thanks Emily! You know the best way to learn how to write something is to read the work of people who are using that technique!

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