Thursday, June 2, 2011


Scribes, wanders, and rogues the genre that squeaked into the lead this month by ONE vote (see votes do matter every last one of them) is Romance. This will be led by Elizabeth Lorenz who also General(ed) us in April through Mystery! If there is something special you'd like her to do or find (interviews, resources, reading lists) post below and let her know what your expectations are. And get this month ready to look at Romance from a Christian point of view.


Jake said...

This should be...interesting. *blink* I think I'll call in Facebook-sick for the month. ;)

The League of Extraordinary Scribes said...

I wouldn't advise that? ;) While we are looking at romance we aren't going to be exclusively looking only at how to write romance books. We are looking at the very hard to craft relationship between a guy and a gal. Indiana Jones has romance in it, so does Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. This is the month to learn to write convincing scenes between protagonists dealing with the subject. It's also the month-long rewrite a faerie tale challenge WITH the prize of Mirriam Neal's art to the winner. ;)

Jake said...

I see. :)

Still, I have no experience in Romance [both in real life and in writing]: for that reason, I don't write any of it in my novels. Perhaps later in life.