An Introduction to the League

The League of Extraordinary Scribes started  as an offshoot of The League of Extraordinary Sneaky People.  We had worked together for over six weeks to surprise one of our mutually admired authors for their birthday and friendships naturally grew. Not only that, but to our non surprise, we discovered that a large number of us were writers or at least interested in writing. To keep the League of Extraordinary Sneaky People's purpose clear, The League of Extraordinary Scribes was created.  The fellowship has been fantastic, blessed, surprising, dynamic, wild, challenging, and glorious.

We are Christian writer's group, but we hail from diverse backgrounds, places, and denominations.  You can find us on Face Book, but because the group is closed for privacy,  you won't be able to see anything until you join.

The way that the Face Book group works is a rough democracy,  and while there are Administrators of the League that help with the general posting and moderate the comments,  the members of the League vote on items like this blog.

There were requests for us to share information with people outside the League and a blog was the best way we thought to do that. The idea of the blog was to a vote and there were more  for  it than against, so here it is!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask them via e-mail. The address for the league is Someone will get back to you. Currently, we check it every 10 days or so  but please, be patient as we find out way and rhythm with this shared creative space!