Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Teaching by Amanda Bradburn in Tech & Trade And other Things

Michelle here Scribes and Wanderers! Be of good cheer, the month of Romance is at an end. We are currently voting on the genre for July. It's a hotly contended thing, just as before, but I promise it is going to be one wild look at whatever is chosen. The Generals up for leading this month have vastly different styles and hearts like lions  in the hunt and like falcons on the dive! I am excited!

After July 4th the genre that wins will be announced and tips, interviews, ideas, and helps of all kinds will start appearing again!

Also this July  (for the first time ever) we are opening up our month-long writing contest to those who are not on the face book group page. I know, right? Incredibly exciting! Unfortunately you MUST live in the United States or Canada to take advantage of this. Check back on the 5th for full details! And get your ideas churning!

The next time we open it up to the Internet at large (which will be in the fall) there will BE NO SUCH RESTRICTION. Very exciting, right? Bear with us as we learn now to manage the shipping overseas without breaking the bank and work to get the prizes (mainly books) through Customs without issue.

So there are the announcements, and I will close by saying that there is an amazing teaching up in the Tech & Trade section by our own oh-so-talented Amanda Bradburn. Listen to her Scribes, learn from her, and one day your book might be sitting beside her stories on the bookstore shelves.

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