Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Historical Fiction Scribe Recommened Reading List

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The Silver Chalice—Thomas B. Costain
The Scarlet Pimpernel—Baroness Orcz
Captain Blood—Rafael Sabatini
Ivanhoe—Sir Walter Scott

Treasure Island—Robert Lewis Stevenson
The Black Arrow—Robert Lewis Stevenson
Kidnapped!---Robert Lewis Stevenson

An Acquaintance with Darkness—Ann Rinaldi
Ride into Morning—Ann Rinaldi
Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons—Ann Rinaldi
Wolf by the Ears—Ann Rinaldi

Time Enough for Drums—Ann Rinaldi
The Fifth of March—Ann Rinaldi
Keep Smiling Through—Ann Rinaldi

Witch of Black Bird Pond—Elizabeth George Speare
The Bronze Bow—Elizabeth George Speare
Sign of the Beaver—Elizabeth George Speare

Dreamer—Angela Hunt
Brothers—Angela Hunt
Journey—Angela Hunt

Song of the Silent Harp—BJ Hoff
Heart of the Lonely Exile—BJ Hoff
Land of a Thousand Dreams—BJ Hoff

Sons of an Ancient Glory—BJ Hoff
Dawn of the Golden Promise—BJ Hoff

Gods and Kings—Lynn Austin
Song of Redemption—Lynn Austin
Faith of My Fathers—Lynn Austin
The Strength of His Hand—Lynn Austin
Among the Gods—Lynn Austin

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