Thursday, July 7, 2011

Announcements JULY Genre!

Hullo Scribes! Michelle here.

The voting for July was furious, but the winner is FAERIE TALE and so from July the 7th to August the 7th we will be looking at that genre with Julie Dick leading the foray!

Below this post, feel free to leave questions as well as suggestions for looking at how to write a faerie tale, I'll be making a list to pass onto Julie and I'll also be running things for her until the 11th of this month and then hand the reins back over to her.

Also, what do you think of the new colors here? Do you like the lighter look? Want us to go back to the darker gray? Let us know!


Andrew Y. said...

How does one join the league?

Restate: How do I join the league?

The League of Extraordinary Scribes said...

Sorry to be so late, Andrew, Michelle here from the League. We're mainly on Facebook (I've been on vacation and so has the web elf, that's what you get when you refuse to pay your staff I suppose ;)) Anyway to answer your question, go to Face Book and search for us and then 'request' to join and we'll let you in OR if you aren't a face book (er) email us at and you are also most heartily welcome!

Evergreena said...

For the most part, I like the new look, but the diagonally striped background hurts my eyes. IT BURNS! Perhaps that part could be a solid dark gray?
Everything else looks okay.

I do have a question: Why is there (TM) after the blog title? Is that necessary? It looks a little awkward, IMHO.