Friday, September 9, 2011

So you want to write a story?-Millard Jones

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So you want to write a story?-© 2011Millard Jones

So you want to write a story? Not sure exactly where to start? Afraid of starting in the wrong place? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions,  this article is for you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Proper and Perfect Mode of Description Amanda Bradburn

The Proper and Perfect Mode of Description
   Lesson Two

            Hey, everyone! As promised, description returns, as does our scribe dragon. Remember we are concentrating on exciting and fresh descriptions, this time on people. Generally, when a MC is introduced, the author does not run through the long spiel of adjectives. The character jumps in, and you get to know him or her by circumstances, conversations, and maybe a bit of description.
            So, let’s jump in. Keep those swords ready for the dragon. But don’t hurt him.

History of Action Adventure

 Technically, action/adventure is the oldest genre outside of historical records. The story of Gilgamesh would be the oldest recorded action/adventure story. However, I'll stick to modern action/adventure which sprouted in the previous century and a half.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

What Action Adventure is, and is not

ACTION ADVENTURE won the vote in the League as the genre we will be looking at in September! To start us off, here is Kaleb Krammer's short definition of of what the genre is, and is not. Kaleb will be leading out look at ACTION ADVENTURE so make certain that all post questions are directed to his attention! And without further ado, here is Kaleb's introduction!

Action/Adventure is a hard genre to pin down. Many of what could be considered its sub-genres are full-fledged genres. Unlike fantasy or SF (Which some works of those fall in this genre. See Buck Rogers and Conan) which have iconic settings that are easily recognizable, action/adventure doesn't. The closest thing would look more like a documentary.  It's settings range from Victorian Africa, the Wild West, to yesterday's headlines.

 First, what action/adventure is not. It is not action or adventure in another genre. All genres  have elements of action and elements of adventure.
  Action/adventure as a genre makes the action/adventure one of the main points of the novel. Deep characters are generally not necessary. Plots are not needed to be realistic. Make it over the top and exciting.
  It also often has secret societies, martial artists, lots of chases, commandos, and vigilantes.

Good is good. Bad is bad. Nazis are evil. Automatic weapons rules. Explosions are key. Settings should be exotic. Heroines tough, most of the time. Rest of the time they're damsels of distress. Heroes are either highly skilled operatives (James Bond, Jason Bourne, Rambo) or normal peopl thrown into unordinary circumstances (Indiana Jones). There are more, but they're older.

Any questions?

Kaleb Krammer  copy right 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vincent LaVel Moorehead takes on a Writers Misunderstood Tool

Today we are delighted to have Vincent LaVel Moorehead taking the spot for Tech & Trade, and he is going to share some really cool views on a word a lot writers don't understand, and others fear. Come and spend some time with Vincent as he takes away the confusion and send fear on its' way in regard to